Michael Tension

Rock nĎ roll should be dangerous. If itís not, I have no time for it.

Iím not going to tell you I write the best songs or am anything more than a guy who yells in key. Personally I donít really think it matters what I write on this page. Nobody wants to read anyway.

Listen to the music, like it or donít. Of course itís better for me if you like it. But, the song will still exist if you think itís shit. Thatís the deal with art. It exists to be enjoyed and despised. If you feel something the artist has done their job.

Download Bio Woodwyn Farms, August 2012. Photo by: Derek Ford

Here, some music

Play them here now or download them for later. These are a few songs I recorded either with my band Jeffery Sez (1995 - 2005) or from two records I have done in the past three years.

Red to White

Michael Tension - Clean & Somber
©2013 Michael Tension


Michael Tension - Die Numb
©2012 Michael Tension

Plastic & Pills

Jeffery Sez - 15 Smiles to the Gal
©2003 Michael Tension

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Some videos from tv and touring

One thing I would like to check off of my list of accomplishments is having a real music video. Never did one with Jeffery Sez. Below are a few things I do have. Some rough, some not.

Infinti Studio, July 2013. Photo by Dan Eastabrook
June 2012, Photo by Derek Ford
Responsible video shoot 2012
M Power Awards 2005. Photo by Sharon Tiffin
June 2012, Photo by Derek Ford
Woodwyn Farms, August 2012. Photo by: Derek Ford
Diego's 2004. Photographer unknown
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